Hits and misses

April 23, 1996|By Buster Olney

In the field: Brady Anderson grounded out in his first at-bat, ending his streak of leading off four consecutive games with a homer. However, another streak continues for Anderson. He doubled in the fourth inning, and Anderson now has at least one hit in his past nine games.

In the dugout: Normally, players scatter all over the dugout, some sitting on the front steps and others on the bench. Last night, though, almost all the Orioles were perched on the bench. The pre-game rainfall had left a sizable puddle of water on the floor of the dugout.

In the clubhouse: "We've been playing great baseball, scoring six or seven runs every game. It's a matter of getting everything together again, getting our pitching back again. The hitting is there. Hopefully, the pitching will get back to where it was." -- Roberto Alomar.


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