Hits and misses

April 22, 1996|By Buster Olney

On the field: Pitcher David Wells does not follow conventional wisdom in letting his infielders handle all pop-ups. Mickey Tettleton hit a high pop leading off the second inning, and Wells tracked it all the way as it drifted toward the first-base dugout. Wells stepped in between first baseman Rafael Palmeiro and catcher Chris Hoiles, called off both and made the catch. Later in the game, he was in position to take another pop-up, before Palmeiro called him off.

In the dugout: Left-hander Darren Oliver held the Orioles to two runs on four hits in the first five innings, but manager Johnny Oates replaced him with right-hander Mark Brandenburg after Palmeiro doubled leading off the sixth inning. Oliver is coming back from rotator cuff surgery, so Oates has been limiting him to five or six innings.

In the clubhouse: Oates sounded a little like Davey Johnson did a week ago after yesterday's victory. "We've been getting great defense, hitting with power, getting base runners, and the starting and relief pitching has been solid," Oates said.

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