Even voter registration gets Internet address for the young


WASHINGTON -- Trying to make voting ever easier for young people, the group Rock the Vote has moved registration tables to rap concerts, movie theaters and surfing championships.

Now the group has begun a service on the World Wide Web that will fill out young people's registration cards and even stick on the stamps.

The prospective voters need only sign and mail the cards. "Pretty soon, they won't even have to get up off the couch," said Jay E. Reiff of the North Carolina Democratic Senate Caucus.

The program relies on the standardization of state requirements and the spread of mail-in registration that followed the federal "motor voter" law of 1993.

Mark Strama, 28, the program director of Rock the Vote, said the site that went on-line on Thursday was aimed at people 18 to 24. "There's a generation of young people who have become more engaged in political dialogue as a result of the Internet," he said. "This turns the dialogue into action."

The Internet registration site, paid for by MCI, can be reached at http: //www.rockthevote.org.

Pub Date: 4/21/96

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