Honor Earth and conserve water

On the Home Front

April 21, 1996

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, here are some tips on conserving water from RainSoft Water Treatment Systems:

Don't run water while brushing your teeth, shaving or washing dishes. Running water uses five to 20 times as much.

Use a sponge and bucket to wash your car.

Inspect all plumbing for leaks.

Install a low-flow shower head. Showers account for 32 percent of home water use. A $10 low-flow shower head cuts water usage and water heating costs in half.

Put a displacement device in your toilet tank. Five billion gallons of water are flushed down toilets every day.

Attach low-flow aerators to sink faucets. (They cost less than $4, cut water flow by 50 percent.)

Home of the Year contest

I just redid my daughter's room -- on a shoestring when you consider prices of furniture and accessories these days. Should I enter my clever solutions in Metropolitan Home's Home of the Year contest? After all, last year's winners included a tent in Idaho as well as fancier projects. The editors insist that originality and good ideas count more than how much was spent on lavish decorations.

The grand prize is a Mitsubishi Spyder; other prizes include a Mitchell Gold sofa, Brown Jordan dining set and Wolfgang Puck cookware. Winners will be featured in Met Home's January/February issue.

You'll need to send color transparencies of your project that can be reproduced in the magazine. Deadline for submission is Aug. 3. For details on how to enter, see Page 30 of the May/June issue, now on newsstands.

Mom in the garden

I know it's early to be thinking about it, but why wait till the last minute? Here's a neat Mother's Day gift for your mom, the mother of your children or your favorite Significant Other Mother. "Mother Nature's Garden" from the Nature Company is a combination of a cotton canvas tote, serious gardening tools and kidskin gloves. The tool set includes a trowel, claw and weeder, each 13 inches long. Items are sold separately: garden tote, $28; tools, $20 a set; kidskin gloves, $24. -- Elizabeth Large On the Home Front welcomes interesting tidbits of home and garden news. Please send suggestions to Elizabeth Large, On the Home Front, The Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278. Or fax to (410) 783-2519.

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