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April 21, 1996

Hot jobs: Want to go into a field where you're just about guaranteed a job? Try computer animation, says POV magazine, which lists "10 Career Fields To Get Into -- And 10 Career Fields To Dump" in its May issue. Others include on-line content producing, mutual fund managing, industrial environmental work, family medicine, management consulting, intellectual property law, the clergy, interactive advertising and physical therapy. Jobs to avoid: accountant, bank teller, bureaucrat, telephone operator, factory worker, real estate agent, bartender, college teacher, librarian and middle manager.

Burger bits: In advance of National Hamburger Month in May, here are some facts: Burgers comprise 75.6 percent of the beef served outside the home. Fifty-five percent are ordered at lunch, 40 percent at dinner and 5 percent as snacks. The Great Lakes region is the top consumer. Ketchup and cheese are the favorite toppings.

Pub Date: 4/21/96

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