Golf is his life's passion, and he flaunts it

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April 18, 1996|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,SUN STAFF

C. Phillip Bundy III took up golf at age 9. In college, he belonged to Wake Forest's championship team. And he's now president of International Golf Organization Inc., a golf marketing company in Timonium.

His love of the sport doesn't end there. On or off the course, he dresses like a golfer -- minus the spikes. It's an outward expression of his inner passion.

"I love what I do," says Mr. Bundy, 30, who lives in Monkton. "And that goes right down to the clothes I wear."

Q: Can you give us a quick rundown of your wardrobe?

A: I dress differently from most executives. My typical attire is khakis and golf shirts. It's very unlike working at T. Rowe Price. I dress in a functional and dependable way. I live a pretty busy life, so I have simplified my dress.

Q: What are your favorites?

A: Banana Republic makes a kind of pants that I like a lot. They sit well, wash well and travel well. I probably have eight different shades of those. I wear a particular kind of shirt by Robert Bryan Ltd. I have them in boysenberry, navy, forest green, white, off-white. They have extra arm room to give you an unrestricted golf swing.

Q: Where do you get them?

A: I order them directly from the company, but many pro shops have them.

Q: Does dressing this way ever get boring?

A: To me it doesn't. I guess some would consider my style boring. But I have brass-tipped belts, pullover sweaters that I like. They help keep it interesting.

Q: What did you wear to the Masters?

A: Arnold Palmer is the host of a Wake Forest reception there. People try to dress their best, so I wore a navy suit with a classic red golf tie.

Q: Golf ties are your signature.

A: That's how I brighten a suit and reflect my personality. I have about 11 -- classic and contemporary. They have balls, players, trophies and hats on them.

Q: Not everybody would want to dress like a golfer. There's this image of a guy in loud pants.

A: That's changed quite a bit. Everyday golfers want to wear what the pros are wearing. Consequently, the club pros have started carrying different clothes.

Q: Is there anything that you're embarrassed to have worn?

A: In college, we were given black and gold Sansabelt pants to wear for tournaments. I tried to burn them, and they wouldn't burn. They were pretty bad. I finally threw them away.

Q: What do you wear when you have to dress like a typical businessman?

A: A navy or black suit with a white shirt and a golf tie. Bob Goalby, who won the '68 Masters, told me one time, "When you travel, always bring a navy blazer. You'll never know when you'll need it for a meeting or reception."

Q: Where do you shop?

A: Banana Republic, Nordstrom and Jay Perkins Golf Shop in Timonium and Ellicott City.

Q: Is there anything you're still looking for?

A: A classic golf cummerbund and bow tie. It's been hard to find.

Q: Do you tire of the golf motif?

A: No, I like it. When I go out socially, I'll wear jeans and a dress shirt or a T-shirt. It's not like this is all I ever wear. It's probably 70 percent golf. But dressing this way makes it easy to go to the golf course. All you have to do is change your shoes.

Q: What do the women in your life think of your attire?

A: They all buy me golf ties. They know how to get to my heart.

Pub Date: 4/18/96

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