Rockefeller University, MedImmune collaborate


April 18, 1996

MedImmune Inc., a Gaithersburg-based biotechnology company, said yesterday that it has agreed to collaborate with Rockefeller University to develop a vaccine to prevent or treat illnesses caused by a virulent bacteria, Streptococcus pneumoniae.

MedImmune also struck a licensing deal with the New York school for the rights to commercialize any vaccines developed from the collaboration. The two did not disclose financial details of the agreement.

The bacteria MedImmune and Rockefeller have targeted is the leading cause of blood stream infections, pneumonia and ear infections in children, and the third leading cause of meningitis.

The collaboration, said Dr. Scott Koenig, vice president of research at MedImmune, unites MedImmune's anti-bacterial expertise with one of the leading programs in the world studying the pneumonia virus.

The collaboration is the third MedImmune has struck with academic institutions. It is working with Washington University to develop anti-bacterial vaccines, and with Texas A&M to develop a Lyme disease vaccine.

Pub Date: 4/18/96

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