A roundup of new products and servicesGetting People To...


April 14, 1996|By Laura Barnhardt

A roundup of new products and services

Getting People To Pay Up

Eliot M. Wagonheim, a Baltimore business attorney, has written a book for business people who send out invoices. The book, "The Art of Getting Paid," offers tips on stopping collection problems before they start, writing collection letters that get results, locating that hard-to-find debtor and representing your business small claims court. Mr. Wagonheim said he decided to write the book because his clients frequently consulted with him on small claims (less than $2,500). If he charged a client by the hour, the client would end up paying him more than the claim was worth; if he took a case on a percentage basis, he would receive next to nothing. His solution: A book that would, among ** other things, teach his clients how to handle their own cases. To order Mr. Wagonheim's book, which is $39.95 plus tax and $5 shipping, call (800) 345-PAYS. If all goes well for Linda and Bernie Klopp of Parkville, their new book will put them out of business. The Klopps hope that their book, "Make Computer T-Shirts With Any Computer Printer," will enable them to close their T-shirt printing operation and begin publishing other how-to books. In addition to offering instruction on T-shirt designs, the book tells readers how to make computer-generated designs for caps, mugs, plates, jewelry and other items using either Macintosh or IBM computers. Whether you want to go into the T-shirt business, create promotional items for your existing business or just make fun gifts for family and friends, the Klopps' book has advice for you. It's available at Bibelot, Greetings and Readings, Borders

Books and Music, or by calling (410) 668-4243.

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