Net know-how: Knowing how to use the Internet is fast...

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April 14, 1996

Net know-how: Knowing how to use the Internet is fast becoming an important job qualification, according to a survey commissioned by Robert Half International, an employment firm. a survey of 150 executives from big U.S. firms, 61 percent said strong knowledge of how to use the Internet would make them more marketable in their fields. And 76 percent of those surveyed said Internet abilities will help them advance five years from now.

Sweet smell of success: Calvin Sager's firm has made visiting the elephant house at the Cincinnati Zoo and the restrooms in the London Underground more bearable. Mr. Sager's firm, Ecolo Odor Control Systems Worldwide, helps get rid of unpleasant odors by atomizing oils into the air. Mr. Sager says his company began by helping businesses with trash compactor odors. The latest project for the Mississauga, Ontario, firm is the official residence of Pakistan's prime minister.

Pub Date: 4/14/96

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