SPCA collars big names, big fun in name of pets

April 12, 1996|By Sylvia Badger

THE MARYLAND SPCA's first March for the Animals attracted more than 400 animal lovers with their four-legged friends. I'm told it was a real hoot to watch instructors from the Downtown Athletic Club get things warmed up with Doggie Stretches.

Among the walkers who helped raise more than $30,000 for the SPCA were WMAR's Sandra Pinckney and her dog, "Morley"; MIX 106 radio deejay Julie DeHarty and her dog, "Charley"; Pokey Brown and her dog, "Hannibal," who walked with pals Anne and Tom Bailliere and their dog, "Pokey"; SPCA board member Ann Clapp and her husband, Harvey, walking with their pooches, "Paul" and "George," while son David Clapp and Trini Edson from the Barclay School brought their dogs "Jake" and "Refi"; Patrice Malloy, SPCA board member and MTA marketing director, arrived with "Reggie" and "Phoebe"; and Dr. Murray Sarubin and his wife, Susan, were strutting with doggies "Kimba" and "Max."

You couldn't miss Vicky Weller, secretary to Loyola College President Ridley, who arrived with Loyola's Greyhound mascot leading a group of 20 walkers from Loyola with their dogs. Roland Park Country School's middle school headmistress Carla Van Berkum walked with 10 middle-schoolers and their pets.

Dr. Leonard Pineau and his wife, Dr. Patricia Bradley, from Aardmore Veterinary Hospital, very kindly volunteered their services and staffed the doggie first-aid tent. Needless to say, walkers went home dog-tired after a 3-mile hike around the Hopkins Homewood campus.

Face to face with Larry King

Larry King, dubbed the "master interviewer" by "Entertainment Tonight," will be playing to a live audience at Oldfields School in Glencoe next Friday evening. It's a sold-out, black-tie gala to benefit the Oldfields endowment fund. King has been an admirer of Oldfields headmaster Hawley Rogers since 1982 when his daughter Chaia became a student. She graduated in 1985, and went on to American University. She's currently completing a master's degree in English Literature and she and her dad have recently completed work on a children's book, "Daddy Day, Daughter Day" to be released this spring.

So the gala will be highlighted by this father-daughter team next week, when Chaia joins her father to entertain the gathering.

Wilson's Whitewater

If you've been lying awake nights wondering what happened to Brian Wilson, a 30-year vet of radio and television, since he was fired in November by WOCT Colt radio management, just 90 days into his contract, I have news.

While Brian was sitting around waiting for the Job Fairy to arrive and while waiting for his breach of contract law suit to come to trial, he occupied his time by writing a book.

"The little black book on Whitewater," $12.95, might be called a compendium or perhaps a guide to the tremendous cast of characters involved in the Whitewater fiasco.

It's for those of us who've read bits and pieces about Whitewater, but still have difficulty keeping all the players straight.

Check it out.

A triumph

Congratulations to Baltimore free-lance television producers Arleen Weiner and Ed Reahl, who received quite an honor from the American Women in Radio and Television.

The group named Arleen and Ed's documentary "Triumph of the Spirit" as the best TV documentary of the year. This local production tells the story of the Holocaust through the eyes of three women, one of whom is Baltimorean Deli Strummer.

Pub Date: 4/12/96

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