Students who serve deserve creditWhere are the...


April 10, 1996

Students who serve deserve credit

Where are the headlines?

Recently my husband and I were invited to join a group of people to visit several programs sponsored by the Catholic Charities, one of which was Our Daily Bread. While waiting for our tour to begin, we noticed a large group of young people off to one corner. We were told they were college students from New York who were spending their spring break helping as volunteers at Our Daily Bread.

The newspaper and television news headlines were full of students in Daytona Beach, Fla., doing all sorts of bizarre things -- even murder -- but where are the headlines about these students who chose to spend their spring break serving others?

Dorthea Baker


Boo birds embarrass Baltimore, nation

I attended the Orioles' Opening Day at Camden Yards and was deeply troubled by the boos I heard as President Clinton was introduced.

We may not like our elected leaders or agree with their politics, but to boo the president of the United States is juvenile and unpatriotic. It would have been better for those who oppose the president to be silent than to tarnish the reputation of our fine city. I was embarrassed on behalf of my fellow Baltimoreans, who are proud to be American citizens.

Our leaders need our support, not our jeers. Be vocal in other ways -- voting is an effective alternative. Better still, those who oppose others should run for office if they feel they can do a better job.

Laurie Finckel


Allegiance to Pratt is racist

Far from owing Comptroller Joan M. Pratt and real estate officer Julius Henson an apology, the nine members of the House of Delegates who wrote April 5 letter ("Cartoon perpetuated a racial stereotype") owe the city of Baltimore an apology for characterizing the revelation of the Pratt-Henson love affair and The Sun's regret for having endorsed Ms. Pratt as racist. Talk about "inappropriate actions."

As a city taxpayer, I am indebted to The Sun for revealing the clandestine relationship between these two, which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are of African-American descent. It has to do with a secret relationship, lies, unethical behavior and conflicts of interest.

What is racist is that Ms. Pratt would be elected, given her complete lack of political experience, instead of former state Sen. Julian Lapides, a man highly qualified and well-known in the Baltimore community. What is also racist is her appointing friends, all of her own race, to high-paying positions without interviewing anyone else and without causing a minor riot among the delegation. Third, it is racist that nine members of the House of Delegates would try to veil Ms. Pratt's improprieties by creating an illusion of ''racial stereotypes."

If the black delegation is going to continue to back anyone as long as that person is black, condone nepotism as long as it is black, defend surreptitious wheelings and dealings as long as they are by blacks, then the black community at large is going to pay a very dear price in a time of dwindling resources and increasing needs. The real question is, do they care?

Georgia Corso


Sun should let Pratt do her job

I found your recent vicious attack on Comptroller Joan M. Pratt to be extremely horrifying, offensive and unnecessary.

As a citizen of Baltimore, I am convinced that Ms. Pratt is the right person for the job. I trusted her when I voted and I trust her now as she makes her appointments. The comptroller knows who is needed on her team to effectively accomplish her job, so why don't you let her focus on her duties instead of trying to get her to answer to The Sun?

With all that is taking place in the world, it is a shame that you devote so much space to allegations about an elected official's personal matters. I am interested in the steps that all of our elected officials are taking to enhance the quality of life in the city of Baltimore, not in who is appointed as real estate officer, executive administrative assistant, or campaign treasurer.

Because of her integrity and qualifications, we elected Ms. Pratt to the office of comptroller. It is time we let the comptroller focus on her responsibilities instead of The Sun's tabloid-style attacks.

Dale Clark


Roman numerals tell it all

Soon we'll be living in the year of MIM. Some may disagree and say MCMXCIX, but with brevity and levity I go for MIM.

Bernard J. Kulinski


Parking racket at Camden Yards

I attended my first Orioles game since the 1994 season. Sad to say, it will be my last for a while. The evening cost $160 more than I intended.

I like to park in the stadium parking lot, and try to leave early enough. I followed the parking information on the signs posted along Interstate 95, ''Stadium Parking -- exits 52 and 53.''

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