Severn woman charged with trying to kill man

April 09, 1996|By TaNoah V. Sterling | TaNoah V. Sterling,SUN STAFF

A Severn woman was arrested Saturday and charged with assault with intent to murder after she sprayed a man with a can of roach killer and stabbed him in the chest, police said.

Carolyn Holbrook, 30, of the 1700 block of Richfield Drive also was charged with battery and carrying a weapon with the intent to injure. No bail information was available.

Kelly Stanley Jones, 24, of the 900 block of Beech Tree Road in Glen Burnie, was treated at North Arundel Hospital and released.

Mr. Jones told police that a man and his wife, whom he knew, approached him in the 1700 block of Richfield Drive about 2 a.m., claiming that he had robbed the man. When the couple attacked him, he pushed the woman away, she sprayed him in the face with bug spray and stabbed him in the chest, he told police.

Officers spoke with Ms. Holbrook, who was arrested after she admitted she had had a fight with Mr. Jones, the police report said.

Ms. Holbrook and her husband, David Wayne Holbrook, gave several different accounts, and police said they were unable to determine what started the altercation.

Pub Date: 4/09/96

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