Complete text of CA policy adopted in May 1994

April 07, 1996|By Dan Morse | Dan Morse,SUN STAFF

Members of the Columbia Council must follow a formal procedure when requesting information from the homeowners association they supervise -- the Columbia Association (CA).

The 10-member Columbia Council is composed of one elected representative from each of Columbia's 10 villages. The council also serves as CA's board of directors.

The council approved the following policy on information requests of CA staff by Columbia Council members May 26, 1994, according to CA documents:

1. Staff honors all requests it feels are non-problematic without further ado.

2. If a request is considered potentially problematic by the CA President, he or she will notify the requester of the potential problem and seek a "meeting of the minds" with the requester and then provide the agreed-upon information.

3. If no agreement is obtained, the CA President will refer the request to the Board -- who will convene to consider such requests at the next scheduled Board or Council meeting -- at which time the members of the Board will entertain arguments from the CA President as to why information should not be released to a member of the Board of Directors. At this time, the requester may defend his or her request.

Once arguments are heard, the Board will vote on a properly made and seconded motion to refuse the request for information, in whole or in part. A two-thirds majority of the Board members present will be required to restrict in any way -- the provision of information to the requesting Board member.

Pub Date: 4/07/96

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