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April 07, 1996|By Rita St. Clair | Rita St. Clair,LOS ANGELES TIMES SYNDICATE

We're planning a renovation of a weekend home with the aim of making its interior resemble the seaside environment outside it. We can't decide what kind of flooring to intstall in the large kitchen/family room adjacent to the terrace. Ceramic tile is one attractive possiblility -- except for its cost. Can you suggest another option?

Perhaps your budget will allow you to install ceramic tile on the terrace, if not in the kitchen/family room. The flooring material inside could then be chosen to blend with what's used outside. Keep in mind that you're trying to make the interior resemble the outdoor environment, not match it.

The photo might provide some clues on how to proceed.

The floor in this combined kitchen/family room is covered with the "Francesco" design from Mannington's "Renaissance" collection. Its styling and color have been adopted from a classically patterned ceramic tile floor. The vinyl material, however, is much less expensive, as is the cost of installing it.

If you were to choose something like this for your interior, the terrace floor might then be made of square ceramic tiles, each of which is as large as four of the squares in the vinyl pattern. The tile colors could also be simplified, perhaps by using only two or three of the basic colors on the indoor floor.

Pub Date: 4/07/96

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