A roundup of new products and servicesRemarkable...


April 07, 1996|By Laura Barnhardt

A roundup of new products and services

Remarkable Recorder

Sycom Technologies Inc. has put a new spin on an existing technology with its new hand-held digital recorder/organizer. Called Total Recall, the 3.5-ounce recorder has some impressive features, including the largest memory capability of any hand-held digital recorder, an LCD display that shows critical information such as memory status and battery level, and a clock that can play one's own voice to sound reminder alarms. Among the editing and organizing functions available to the user are the ability to access instantly any recording and the ability to insert and delete recorded material in a word-processor style. Additionally, Total Recall enables one to file notes in three separate "folders" that can be designated in any way: business-related, home, special projects, etc. Total Recall runs on two AAA batteries and a lithium battery and is available in four memory versions, ranging from 11 minutes ($149.95) to 47 minutes ($299.95). To order, call (800) 773-2503. Paging technology takes a step forward with a new system being offered by Parallel Communications Inc. This pager was designed especially for those who want the security of a pager without the burden of monthly expenses. The Family Locator combines the power of a beeper with the advantages of voice mail. Each family receives a Family Locator personal 800-number, which serves as an answering machine. When someone leaves a message on the machine, the Family Locator will alert the recipient with a chiming sound or flashing light. To retrieve a message, one just dials the 800-number. Parallel Communications charges 50 cents for each 30-second message. Family Locator, which sells for $59.95 plus shipping and handling, comes with a battery and five free voice-message units. Additional message units can be purchased by credit card ($15 for 30 messages). Call (800) 424-6255 to order. For more information, call (800) 288-0880.

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Pub Date: 4/07/96


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