W. Haywood Burns, 55, a civil rights attorney and former...

Deaths Elsewhere

April 05, 1996

W. Haywood Burns, 55, a civil rights attorney and former dean of the City University of New York law school at Queens, died Tuesday in a car accident in South Africa. He died along with CUNY associate professor Margaret Shanara Gilbert. They were attending a conference sponsored by the International Association of Democratic Lawyers Congress. Mr. Burns represented the Attica prison inmates, Martin Luther King Jr. and black radical Angela Davis in the late 1960s and early '70s. He founded the National Conference of Black Lawyers and was chief counsel for Dr. King's Poor People's Campaign of 1968.

Hans Blumenberg, 75, one of Germany's most important postwar philosophers, died March 28 in Altenberge, outside Muenster, a German newspaper reported yesterday. He taught at several German universities after the war before settling at the University of Muenster in 1970. He published numerous books, but his major works dealt with the condition of spirituality after World War II.

Dusty Iron Wing McCrea, 55, an actress and stunt rider whose film and television credits included the movie "Windwalker," died Sunday of diabetes in Hondo, N.M. Her TV credits included episodes of "Gunsmoke," "Star Trek and other series.

Ross David Siragusa, 89, who founded what became one of the nation's leading makers of televisions and other home appliances, died Saturday in Chicago. He founded Admiral Corp. in 1934 as the Continental Radio and Television Corp.

Pub Date: 4/05/96

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