Cliche and verse: mostly dead poets variety

April 04, 1996|By Sun's Dead Poets Society

Poetry and football. How could we not have seen the symbiotic connection between the two? But now that we do, a terrible beauty is born (Yeats), it sits looking over the harbor and city on silent haunches (Sandburg) and all losses are restor'd and sorrows end (Shakespeare).

But, you say, you don't like the Ravens as a team name? It could have been worse. Imagine if another poet had lived or died in Baltimore. Think of all the sportswriters' cliches that might have been, all the sponsor chances lost.


Team name: The Baltimore Super Sonnets

Cliche: Shall we compare the Sonnets to a summer's day -- not likely. They are too temperate and give less than 110 percent.

Sponsor: Bibelot


Team name: The Baltimore Urns

Cliche: Zone is zone, man is man -- that is all

Sponser: Grecian Formula


Team name: The Baltimore Hollow Men

Cliche: This is the way the game ends, this is the way the game ends, this is the way the game ends, not with a bomb but a fumble.

Sponsor: Sheppard & Enoch Pratt Hospital


Team name: The Baltimore Howlers

Cliche: I saw the best receivers of my generation running the button hook, coming up empty.

Sponsor: Gentle Dental


Team name: The Baltimore Beasts

Cliche: The rough Beasts who slouched into the end-zone yesterday were not the best, but they were good enough. Sponsor: The Baltimore Zoo

Pub Date: 4/04/96

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