Dr. J. Kiffin Penry, 66, an international leader in the...


April 03, 1996

Dr. J. Kiffin Penry, 66, an international leader in the fight against epilepsy, died Sunday of diabetes in Winston-Salem, N.C.

He is noted for his work describing epileptic seizures and syndromes in children, as well as for developing new anti-epileptic drug therapies that have benefited children worldwide.

Nearly 2,500 physicians who treat epilepsy went to Winston-Salem for Dr. Penry's programs since they began in November 1986.

Dante Giacosa, 91, the automotive designer of several Fiat models, including the popular 500, died Sunday in Turin, Italy. During his 42-year career at Fiat, he designed many models, but the Fiat 500 was considered his masterpiece.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 37, a musician and leader of the Los Angeles group the Gun Club, which combined punk rock with American roots music, died Sunday of a stroke in Salt Lake City. A singer and guitarist, he formed the group, originally called Creeping Ritual, in 1979.

Dr. James L. Tullis, 81, who discovered a way to freeze blood and platelets to preserve them, died Sunday of pneumonia in Boston. He retired as physician in chief and chairman of the Department of Medicine at New England Deaconess Hospital in 1981. In 1970, he and Dr. John Hinman developed a way to prevent the transfer of hepatitis in blood transfusions.

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