Total lunar eclipse expected to begin at sunset tonight

April 03, 1996|By FROM STAFF REPORTS

A total lunar eclipse is expected to begin at sunset tonight, as partly cloudy skies are predicted over Central Maryland.

The moon already will be fully eclipsed when it rises in the east at 6: 26 p.m. Scientists expect it will be dimly lighted by the indirect glow of sunlight scattered by Earth's atmosphere, perhaps giving it an eerie, coppery-red color.

At 7: 53 p.m., the moon will begin to emerge from Earth's shadow and to reflect direct sunlight. It will be fully illuminated again by 8: 59 p.m. The darkening of the full moon may make it easier to see Comet Hyakutake, now receding in the northwestern sky to the right of the bright planet Venus.

Pub Date: 4/03/96

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