Farrakhan's seduction of America Nation of Islam is poisoning my people, says black evangelist

March 31, 1996|By CARLTON D. PEARSON

I HAVE JUST finished watching a 2 1/2 -hour diatribe of the so-called "Minister" Louis Farrakhan on C-SPAN. I am amazed at the power of the media and their choices of what to air. When was the last time C-SPAN aired a Billy Graham Crusade, or any other representative spokesperson or preacher? I want equal time!

What merits 2 1/2 hours of arrogant, erroneous, disjointed, exaggerated, maniacal meanderings punctuated by the spontaneous and repeated vocal support of the speaker's his misguided followers? I was appalled!

I'm an American of African descent, at least seven or eight generations removed, so I feel very American, even though I am proud of my Hamitic ancestry and roots. My nationality is American; my ethnicity is Hamitic (African), but my identity is Christian.

I realize that this stance may be misunderstood by many and unpopular with some. But I feel that anyone in a pastoral ministry as I am must call attention to difficult issues, even at the risk of personal threats or criticisms.

As a pastor, I am adamantly opposed to Minister Farrakhan's invasion into the black churches of America with his deviant excesses opposing the very country that allows him the freedom to perpetuate such carryings on. America is far from being perfect, but it is far better than his biased portrayal of it. I want equal time!

He quotes back and forth from the Q'uran and the Christian Bible (Christianity is basically a Jewish religion), and even compares himself to David (a Jew) against Goliath (a Canaanite), while espousing the known terrorist ideals, philosophies, and religion of Canaanite peoples. Mind you, he is absolutely entitled to his religion and philosophical positions. However, as a Black man, I resent his aggressive pursuit of our people (already hurting and disillusioned) -- and his attempted entrapment of them -- into his diabolical web of deception, distortion and cultish error. I want equal time!

In every religious doctrine and faith, there is an element where the true leaders call on the people to, in essence, judge them and their calling in light of absolute principles. The African-American community is obviously in search of spiritual and moral leadership. While making this decision, they deserve the benefit of open and honest dialogue of contrasting views.

Christianity is actually 600 years older than Islam, and Judaism is years older. I say this by conjecture, but the first Gentile convert to Christianity may very possibly have been the Ethiopian (Cushite) eunuch. History documents that Africans were Christians long before they were persecuted and martyred by followers of Mohammed for refusing to convert to Islam.

I do have Jewish friends and have attended synagogues in Israel and here in the states; I also have Islamic acquaintances and have attended mosques in the Middle East and here in the states, and I don't wish to assault or insult any of them. However, I want to be forthwith in my stand for Christianity, particularly as it relates to Black people and Minister Farrakhan's rhetorical and seductive solicitations of them. I resent him appealing to American Blacks, especially Christians, and using them to become enemies of our own homeland and alienating us from the land our forefathers fought and died for. I think that is counterproductive and a serious fracture of American morals, ethics and decency. I want equal time!

Minister Farrakhan is flamboyant, articulate, and in many ways fascinating to listen to, and, I might add, has some important and legitimate points to make. However, rat poison is 90 percent good corn; it is the 10 percent strychnine that makes it lethal. "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump."

Minister Farrakhan in many ways has made a good beginning, and I feel that there are many points on which we can agree. However, any leader, particularly a spiritual one, must be held up scrutiny against standards we all hold dear.

Whatever good may have been done by the Million Man March will be quickly jeopardized by its leaders cavorting with world identified terrorists like Saddam Hussein, Muammar el Kadafi and Nigerian President General Sani Abacha, and parroting their deadly sentiments toward our country over nationwide television. Want equal time!

The only good thing about the C-SPAN airing is the possible sneak peek into the deeper mindset, agenda and explosiveness of this charismatic cult leader and those abroad who choose to finance his anti-American crusade. I just pray my dear African-American brothers and sisters would not be such pliable clay in his emotionally manipulative and dangerous hands. Some of our most talented and charming young men and women are being sucked into his destructive trap.

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