Wowed by the crowd Star attractions: The Good quintuplets stole the spotlight at a hospital party reuniting families of children admitted to neonatal intensive care.

March 25, 1996|By Sheridan Lyons | Sheridan Lyons,SUN STAFF

Yes, they're all different. More importantly, the five little Goods are all in good health -- and walking, talking and teething on schedule at 14 months old.

The quintuplets and their parents, Ruth and David Good of Gatchelville, Pa., found themselves the center of attention yesterday afternoon at a balloon-filled party thrown by Greater Baltimore Medical Center's neonatal intensive care unit for families whose children were patients there in the past five years.

Although 300 guests were expected, 500 or so showed up, said Bonnie Schaffer, a senior nurse on the night shift.

It was the biggest crowd the toddlers had ever seen -- bigger than the roughly 200 who attended their first birthday party Jan. 25, said the Goods, both 29.

Their children, Nathan and Patty Lynn, sat side by side in a double stroller, while Katelyn, Amanda and Phillip were lined up front to back in a triple stroller.

Animal crackers and balloons kept them busy enough, plus lots of kids and commotion to watch -- except for Phillip, who demanded to be picked up by grandfather Don Good of White Hall.

That's like Phillip, said the boy's father. "Phillip is, um, loud. He likes it to be known that he's in the room."

Said Ruth Good, "Amanda's the big eater, and very expressive. Katelyn is a little mite: She's ahead of them in everything."

The children began walking within the same week, after Amanda took her first steps on Valentine's Day, Mrs. Good said. But Katelyn -- the littlest and the last born -- has surpassed her siblings in walking skills.

She's also the champion talker, with a vocabulary that's expanded to "boo" "bye-bye" and "thank you," said Mrs. Good. "Patty Lynn keeps more to herself and likes to play independently," while "Nathan is a cuddler." The children, who ranged from 2 pounds, 6 ounces to 3 pounds when they were born 9 1/2 weeks early, all weigh about 20 pounds now.

Katelyn has one tooth, while the others have three or more, Mr. Good said. "But teething was nothing compared to colds."

They weathered the flu and colds -- times five, Mr. Good said. "I'm so glad winter is over, and we're ready for outside play." He's purchased a used, van and is busy getting it ready for the road.

Despite the winter bugs, all five children are in excellent health, said their pediatrician, Dr. Ambadas Pathak, who heads GBMC's neonatal unit. He was an honored guest at the quints' first birthday party at the Goods' church, North Harford Baptist in Jarrettsville.

"They are all doing very well," said Dr. Pathak, beaming. "We organized, to make sure there were people to take care of them. It was a great feeling for me, to meet all the members of the community that were involved."

And after more than a year, said grandmother Carol Good, some 40 volunteers from the church still take turns helping every day from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., when David Good returns home from his job in Baltimore as office manager for Kaestner Co.

"We're very, very blessed," said Mrs. Good.

And, the Goods said they celebrated a parent's milestone in August -- when Nathan, Patty Lynn, Amanda, Phillip and Katelyn all slept through the night.

Pub Date: 3/25/96

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