Williams' excuseThe excuse Maryland basketball coach Gary...


March 24, 1996

Williams' excuse

The excuse Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams used to sum up his team's performance this season was that "the expectations for this team were too high." Perhaps it was unfair. After all, since Williams' arrival in 1989, in the years without Joe Smith he has won barely more than half his games (.527) and only 26 of 76 (.342) conference games.

Having lost the seniors of his "great" recruiting efforts of four years ago, Williams probably will use the excuse next year that the team is too young. However, unless another national Player of the Year falls into his lap, the expectations for a Gary Williams team should not exceed mediocre.

Scott G. Patterson

Easton The Sun sports section provided interesting information on why Denver Nuggets player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf refused to stand when the national anthem of the United States of America is played. Such actions are an insult and show disrespect to the United States.

If Abdul-Rauf feels so strongly over his religion and is so disenchanted about the United States, then he should leave for a country that embraces Islam, such as Iraq, Iran or Lebanon.

Edward S. Gallagher


Modells and greed

I was outraged to read David Modell's statement, "Anyone with a credit card can purchase a PSL." Oh, really? First, anyone who purchases a PSL is giving in to extortion. Second, anyone who needs a credit card to purchase a PSL really can't afford it and should re-examine his priorities. It's people like the Modells who give real meaning to the word greedy.

Greg Gotwalt

York, Pa.

Schaefer's failure

Art Modell's interest in reacquiring the Colts name, logo and colors punctuates how inept then- Mayor Schaefer and the Baltimore City Council were when the Colts left town in 1984. The subsequent settlement allowed for the name to be given back to the city if an NFL team moved or expanded to Baltimore by 1991. Schaefer's unwillingness to go the extra mile to acquire a team and his hesitation in dealing with Robert Irsay shows who is truly to blame for our failure to lure or keep an NFL team during his political tenure.

Schaefer's recent comments that he would have "never" given the Modell family the deal it received to move to Baltimore show, once more, that we would not have an NFL team here if he were still the governor.

Bob Martindale

Bel Air Since Baltimore's first year in the NFL will be 1996, how about calling them the Baltimore 96ers?

Michael Weaver

Dover, Del.


Baltimore was snubbed by the NFL in the expansion process for years after having lost the Colts to Indianapolis. Now, it has acquired an NFL team, which in a sense avenges the earlier loss and snub. Therefore, the new team could be called the Baltimore Avengers. This would be a tough, take-no-stuff name appropriate for a pro football team.

Bob Gladden

Severna Park

Name? Who cares?

Come on, let's give up on this bull on names for this so-called football team we're stuck with. I can't afford to go, anyway. Who really cares what they are called?

Eric R. Nord

Glen Burnie

Pub Date: 3/24/96

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