50 years ago While en route from Taneytown to his home in...


March 24, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Carroll County Historical Society's library.

50 years ago While en route from Taneytown to his home in Union Mills, Weldon R. Nusbaum, who with his son operates a cannery at Taneytown, was attacked by two hitchhikers whom he had picked up. He was driving along the highway near the Yingling swimming pool at Union Mills when he was suddenly struck on the head by a flashlight in the hands of one, while the other started pummeling him with his fist. Realizing his danger, the driver pulled to the side of the road and jumped out of the auto, which continued to run until it struck a light. His two assailants ran for a hiding place, but Mr. Nusbaum quickly notified the sheriff. With the aid of state officers and a posse of residents, a manhunt was in order and the fugitives were quickly captured. The two prisoners were placed in the jail where they gave their names as Augustave Whitmore and John Gannon, both of Norristown, N.J. Mr. Nusbaum was removed to his home by a passing motorist, and his injuries were later dressed at the office of Dr. W. G. Speicher. -- Democratic Advocate, March 15, 1946.

75 years ago The electric line to McKinstry is well under way and only the insulators are holding up the work. Current was turned on the Taneytown line last Friday evening but owing to the wires resting on a limb at a point along the line, they burned in two and put the line out of commission. After the necessary repairs and trimming was done on Saturday, current was again turned on and a few places which were connected enjoyed the new light. -- Union Bridge Pilot, March 18, 1921.

100 years ago The beautiful snow was falling thick and fast and already some of the most eager ones were enjoying sleighing and our streets were made lively by the merry jingle of the bells. But soon thereafter, the western winds swooped down upon us from the Blue Ridge country, in all their fury, carrying the fleecy snow and piling it in roads and lanes, particularly those running east and west, and making a complete blockade at many places. On Thursday night, the Hotel de Stick was taken possession of by a large company of sleighers from Hampstead, Arcadia and this section and a social dance enjoyed until a late hour. -- American Sentinel, March 21, 1896.

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