Pasadena waterfront residents want to build own boat ramp

March 24, 1996|By Edward Lee | Edward Lee,SUN STAFF

After 14 years of empty promises from the original developer, residents of a Pasadena waterfront community are taking it upon themselves to build a boat ramp for the neighborhood.

Members of the Elizabeth Landing Community Association Inc. have asked the Army Corps of Engineers for permission to build an 84-foot, L-shaped pier and a private boat ramp off Elizabeth Landing Way on Stoney Creek.

"There certainly is a need," said Clara Bereston, an Annapolis lawyer representing the civic group.

The project, which is open to public comment until April 11, has a good chance of being approved, said Jon Romeo, a biologist with the corps.

"Offhand, I don't see any major problems with it," he said. "But that's why we have this comment period to see if anyone brings up something we were unaware of."

Ms. Bereston said the project, which could cost the community about $27,000, is the result of an inadvertent discovery.

The developer of the 648-townhouse complex enticed homebuyers by showing them a deteriorating concrete driveway that he advertised as a community boat ramp, Ms. Bereston said.

But when boat owners asked county zoning officials several years ago for permission to repair the dilapidated ramp, officials told residents that the driveway was not zoned as a ramp and could not be repaired as such, she said.

"They were on the water, and they couldn't get in there," Ms. Bereston said. "The people in that community are active and use the waterfront."

If the project is approved, she said the ramp will remain off-limits to people outside the neighborhood.

"Community fees are what would maintain it," she said. "They wouldn't get public funds, and they would be liable for it."

Ms. Bereston said she did not know how many residents owned boats, but noted that all 45 moorings next to the community were filled with sailboats and that at least 35 powerboats were stored elsewhere.

"They couldn't get their boats in," Ms. Bereston said. "Their trailers were stuck. The community is trying to do the right thing."

Pub Date: 3/24/96

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