A roundup of new products and servicesA Key DefenseVeteran...


March 24, 1996|By Laura Barnhardt

A roundup of new products and services

A Key Defense

Veteran police officer and martial-arts expert Phil Strenkowski has dedicated his life to helping people protect themselves. His most recent effort is a new personal safety device called the Key. It is an oversize key intended to cause extreme pain when used to strike the bony parts of an attacker. It's designed to fit comfortably in your hand and because it also serves as a key chain, you know you'll always have it when you need it. The Key offered in three colors, navy blue, granite spray and granite rose, for $12.95, plus $3 shipping and handling. To order, call (800) 6-THE KEY or send your check to Sterling Enterprises, 944 Cheltenham Road, Santa Barbara, Calif. 93105. To make car stereo use safer (and more convenient) for drivers, Kenwood USA Corp. has introduced the KCA-R7, a remote control that attaches directly to a vehicle's steering wheel. The remote, which can be used with any of the company's current remote control-compatible in-dash car stereo models, allows drivers to change volume, audio sources, play modes and radio stations without taking their hands off the wheel. The KCA-R7 retails for about $80. For the retailer nearest you, call (800) KEN-WOOD. For the parents among us, award-winning producers Danna Peterson and Jonna Ramey of Quartet Creative Services have created the video "Finding Quality Childcare: What Every Parent Needs to Know." The 45-minute video offers comprehensive information about key issues in child care, such as educational philosophies, the importance of child-adult ratios and provider qualifications. To order "Finding Quality Childcare," call (800) 859-5105.

The video is $19.95, plus $3.95 for shipping and handling.

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