Stick to the basics: If you like to ask prospective...

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March 24, 1996

Stick to the basics: If you like to ask prospective employees trick questions or try to intimidate them, you won't find out what really matters: can this person do the job? Nicholas Corcodilos, an executive search consultant interviewed in Working Woman magazine, says a job interview should not be about a candidate's most challenging experience or greatest accomplishments. "Interviewing is about the job," he says. Better would be a hands-on session in which someone gets to show what he or she can do, Mr. Corcodilos said.

Oldies but goodies: Wiley & Sons Inc. is reprinting "The Battle for Investment Survival," a 1935 book by Gerald M. Loeb, who spent 40 years on Wall Street and became a senior partner at E. F. Hutton & Co. Loeb's book is one of four oldies Wiley has republished.

Pub Date: 3/24/96

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