Dazzling Kentucky can't lose, or can it?


MINNEAPOLIS -- There are some things in sports you just have to see in person to fully appreciate.

The homestretch of a Kentucky Derby. A lap during an Indianapolis 500. The Super Bowl kickoff.

Thursday night, I'm sure a lot of you who watched Kentucky's 101-70 destruction of Utah came to the conclusion that the Wildcats are pretty good.

You didn't see the half of it.

Nothing against your powers of observation, but the view of this juggernaut through a 13-, 20- or even 50-inch television screen just doesn't do the Big Blue justice.

I sat at midcourt. I saw the Wildcats live and in living color. I watched them make a mockery of a quality Utah team that wasn't a fluke to be in the Sweet 16.

This team is simply awesome, and when you see it in person it's even more awesome.

I'm not sure if the images on a television set can properly transmit the raw confidence of this Kentucky team once it has the scent of an impending kill.

Did the TV properly display the glazed-eyed intimidation and exhausted gasps of a Utah team as it was being dazzled into submission by the relentless pressure of a Kentucky team that had no player go more than 25 minutes and 10 who played at least 13?

"Quite frankly, Kentucky is of the likes that we've never seen," Utah coach Rick Majerus said. "We just got blitzed -- too many weapons, too many things."

Pub Date: 3/23/96

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