Sixth-grade entrepreneurs plan their strategy


March 22, 1996|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

GIFTED AND Talented Resource teacher Ronnie Ginsberg of Patuxent Valley Middle School has enlisted the aid of Dr. Jackie Middleton, a college business teacher, for the new Entrepreneur Program. Under Dr. Middleton's guidance, selected sixth-grade students will form a nonprofit business next year.

The young titans of industry are planning their strategy right now. By seventh grade, Veronica Berruz, Azmat Husain, Colleen Tucci, Kristen Facente, Ashley Pope, Michelle Kobler, Tiffany Underwood, Melanie Bricker, Matt Kaufman, Jenn Tubbs, Brad Chapman and Chris Sullivan should wow us with their products.

Help the homeless

Lots of us get unusual or inappropriate gifts during the holidays: canned hams for vegetarians; queen-size sheets for those with king-size beds.

There's a place where these items will be appreciated. Bollamn Bridge Elementary students Sarah Tolliver and Michal Kusnetz are collecting donations at the school for the Grassroots Homeless Shelter of Howard County. They are seeking nonperishables, such as peanut butter and canned meats; cleaning supplies; first-aid items; and personal care articles. Other useful things could include gift certificates to area stores,

bus passes and new or clean linens.

Young artists

March is Youth Art Month. Patuxent Valley Middle School is represented at the Howard County central library by eighth-grade artist Kristen White and sixth-grade artist Destiny Coslett. In other news from the junior artistic set, artists who participated in Howard County's Department of Recreation and Parks Art on the Wild Side classes are featured at the Savage Library this month.

Instructor Holly Hage inspired Chris Rubright to paint a cheetah, Brendan Murphy to paint a bear, Christina Bohr to paint a tiger and Matthew Swisher to paint a landscape with hidden animals in it. Thomas Baum painted a night scene with moon and monkeys, Amanda Pino drew a red bird in flight, Morgan Markowski imagined deer and a fox running in the forest and Nicholas Swisher painted an eagle by a house. Among the most striking was the monkey swinging through the trees, painted by Lara Jean Landers. It hangs over the children's computer.

Those enrolled in the Art Explosion class painted and stuffed paper fish that hang over the parent/tot area at the library. There's a purple fish by Carly Mercer, a red and blue parrot fish by Jenny Wentzel, a striped fish by Stephen Schnor, a purple polka dot fish by Laura Scraggs, a white fish by Brittany Reed and a striped and polka dot one by Allie Henry.

Pub Date: 3/22/96

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