Man accused of trespassing at house

March 21, 1996

Police arrested a Baltimore County man Tuesday and charged him with burglary and trespassing in an early-morning incident at an Annapolis home.

Scott Matthew Laurie, 27, of the 4600 block of Wilkens Ave. was charged with fourth-degree burglary and trespassing. He was released on his own recognizance Tuesday.

Dimitri Sfakiyanudis, 53, of the 500 block of Wayward Drive called police about 4 a.m. and told them he saw a man open his rear fence gate and walk up on the deck.

Mr. Sfakiyanudis said the man was walking toward his back door when he yelled and scared the man away, police said.

When the officer arrived at the house, a red 1990 Nissan Sentra drove by and Mr. Sfakiyanudis told police the driver looked like the man he had seen on his deck, police said.

Officer Robert H. Shiflet broadcast a description of the car and the driver over police radio. Another officer said he had checked a similar car and driver earlier that morning, and he gave Officer Shiflet a tag number.

Moments later, at Route 178 near Old Generals Highway, Officer Samuel L. Hubbard stopped a car whose driver was sweaty and out of breath, police said.

Mr. Sfakiyanudis identified the driver as the man who was at his home, police said.

Pub Date: 3/21/96

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