What will become of public health care?Allow me the...


March 17, 1996

What will become of public health care?

Allow me the opportunity to say good-bye to the residents of Carroll County I have treated these past 20 months. As a psychiatrist at Carroll County Mental Health in Westminster, I have treated people from all areas of this county and I have regrets to have to leave the clinic after such a short time. To those of you who have stated their appreciation of my efforts, I wish you all much success and good health, mental and physical.

However, I would like to add my comments of displeasure with the state system that employed me. In these times of poor prioritizing by our governor and legislature, I believe Carroll County Health Department services have been ignored.

As budgets are squeezed tighter, resulting in positions to be frozen or closed, inevitable relocation of the Health Department to a less comfortable and marginally secure area, and questionable county administrative decisions intensifying already displeased moods of employees, I envision the quality of this county's services to erode unless politicians and administrators take a second look at the situation.

Joel Hassman


Cuts jeopardize Bear Branch center

It has been proposed that the Office of Interpretation and Conservation under the Department of Recreation and Parks be cut by approximately $53,000. The people of Carroll County need to be informed that the Office of Interpretation and Conservation consists of Piney Run Nature Center and Bear Branch Nature Center.

The nature center staff is made up of five paid positions: one administrator for both nature centers, two naturalists at Piney Run Nature Center, one naturalist at Bear Branch Nature Center and one assistant for both nature centers. The proposed cut would result in the loss of the assistant and naturalist at Bear Branch Nature Center.

The people of Carroll County should view this proposed cut as a real possibility that Bear Branch Nature Center could be closed permanently. Also, it should be pointed out that this budget cut only affects the Nature Centers. The fee paid to enter Piney Run Park goes toward Piney Run Park only.

June L. Kanaski


The writer is a volunteer at Bear Branch Nature Center.

Burned up over fire lane violations

Have I been out of touch or is it now legal to park along the fire lanes of shopping centers? It obviously is since you can go to any shopping center (and there are plenty) in Eldersburg and see cars parked virtually anywhere they please.

Try to pick up a pizza at Little Caesar's near Harvest Fare. Can't pull up cars parked on both sides, right under the "No Parking" signs or along the yellow curb. Try to drop your child off at the karate studio in Freedom Village can't do that, either. The unchecked sprawl and hideous traffic is bad enough, but why a person cannot actually park in a parking spot is beyond my comprehesion. Most of us can use the walk to the stores.

What does the term "fire lane" mean? It is to be kept clear in case an emergency vehicle needs to pull up. Will it take an actual tragedy for law enforcement to take a stand? Carroll County taxes have gone up yet again. Maybe some revenue from parking tickets and towing fees may eliminate the need for this action.

Come on, folks. It's a community. We want to shop and eat and play in Eldersburg, but sometimes, the aggravation is just not worth it.

Meg Quigley


Willis is ducking votes on the issues

When is Del. Ellen Willis actually going to vote on an issue in Annapolis? Since she was chosen by the governor several weeks ago, I can think of three major issues she has managed to avoid voting on.

Ms. Willis avoided a vote on a bill to ensure that any Maryland regulations do not exceed federal regulations. She said she didn't vote because she had just arrived in Annapolis and wasn't familiar with the legislation. Fair enough, though I might want to point out that Ms. Willis has run for delegate twice before and has known since early in the session she might replace Richard Dixon, so presumably she would have kept herself informed of pending matters.

Next, Ms. Willis failed to vote on the stadium issue. This is more interesting. Del. Joe Getty also didn't vote on this, but at least he had the excuse that he worked for John Moag, chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority, so it would be a conflict of interest to vote. Ms. Willis' excuse was that she had a meeting of the board of a bank and had permission from the speaker to miss a vote. As far as I'm concerned, that is not a legitimate reason for a member of the General Assembly to miss any vote, let alone an important one. Illness, death of a loved one or some such is a valid excuse. Doing personal business is not.

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