25 years ago Carroll County's population in the 1970...


March 17, 1996|By Compiled from the files of the Carroll County Historical Society's library.

25 years ago Carroll County's population in the 1970 Census was 69,006, up 30.7 percent from the 1960 figure of 52,785. The 1970 census counted 66,127 white persons in Carroll County, 95.8 percent of the total; 2,736 Negroes and 143 persons of other races. In 1960 as well, 95.8 percent of the population was white. Community Reporter, March 5, 1971.

50 years ago Suspended in an automobile on an open drawbridge 50 feet above icy waters, three women, two babies and a man were snatched to safety by the driver of the car who was credited with saving their lives, police said. Edgar C. Wike, living on Manchester Road near Brumell, kept his head throughout the harrowing experience, police said. Bridge operators Harry Borrowski and Mahlen Hollins said they were unaware the car was crossing at the time they opened the draw. Democratic Advocate, March 8, 1946.

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