John A. "Jack" Berrill,72, a cartoonist who produced the...

Deaths Elsewhere

March 16, 1996

John A. "Jack" Berrill,72, a cartoonist who produced the comic strip "Gil Thorp," a chronicle of a high school coach and his students, died of cancer Thursday in Brookfield, Conn.

The comic strip, which runs in more than 65 newspapers, was named after his two favorite sports heroes: Gil Hodges, the Brooklyn Dodgers first baseman, and Jim Thorpe, the Olympic champion and football star.

A. Clifford Barger,79, professor emeritus of physiology at the Harvard Medical School, who helped identify the bodily processes that can lead to congestive heart failure, died Wednesday at his home in Brookline, Mass. The cause was liver cancer, the school said.

Gad el-Haq Ali Gad el-Haq,78, the head of one of the Muslim world's leading religious institutions, died yesterday of a heart attack in Cairo, Egypt. He served as head of al-Azhar, one of the Muslim world's oldest and most renowned sites of religious scholarship, for 14 years.

Pub Date: 3/16/96

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