Seth Shipley appointed to Hampstead council

March 14, 1996

Main Street jeweler Seth Shipley has been appointed to the Town Council of Hampstead, filling a vacancy created by the resignation of Dwight W. Homer in January.

Mr. Shipley, 31, who was approved in a unanimous vote of the council Tuesday night, owns The Jeweler's Bench and lives in the town's Robert's Field neighborhood.

The addition of Mr. Shipley means that Wayne H. Thomas, who joined the council in 1993, is the only member who held office before May 1995, when a slate of slow-growth advocates, including Mayor Christopher M. Nevin and Councilmen Stephen A. Holland and Lawrence H. Hentz, was elected.

Councilman David E. Bredenburg was chosen by the council in November to replace Jacqueline Hyatt, who resigned Oct. 10.

Mr. Shipley was chosen over two other candidates: Charles Brevard, 42, an auctioneer, and Haven Shoemaker Jr., 31, a lawyer.

Pub Date: 3/14/96

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