Satan's peace

March 13, 1996|By Eli Hecht

THE RECENT news from Jerusalem is of daily murders, innocent people killed by bombs and new acts of terrorism. I wonder what is happening to the country of Israel. What was supposed to be a peace-loving state has turned into a nightmare.

I recall a story that truly describes the situation.

Satan once called together the ghosts of his devils. Attending were Adolf Eichmann, Adolf Hitler and the grand mufti of old Jerusalem. The agenda was the never-ending plans for destroying the Jewish people. Each devilish ghost spoke of past accomplishments; how many Jews he had killed, how many millions he had destroyed. Somehow each had accomplished unprecedented acts of genocide, but together they were never able to finish the job.

A newcomer was introduced. ''I call myself Peace,'' he said, ''but I create anything but peace. Just look how successful my devilish work is. In the name of peace I have caused more death and carnage.


''My fellow devils, if you really want to destroy Israel, follow this plan. Let all the Arabs desist from war with Israel. Have Yasser Arafat speak of peace. Have the Arab brethren call for peace. Then watch how the Jewish state will self-destruct.''

Satan liked what Peace had to say. Oslo, the home of the Nobel Peace Prize, came to mind. The diabolic plan for Israel's destruction would be called the ''Oslo Peace Agreement.'' Peace with Syria was to follow the departure of Israeli troops from the occupied territories.

Now, with the bombings in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the opposition has, once again, called for a complete stoppage of negotiations, causing the government's plan for peace to fragment.

As the government decides what it determines to be right or wrong, Jewish blood continues to wash the streets. While policies are made and broken, Mr. Arafat claims impotence and Israelis demand vengeance. Ethnic and radical political groups are forming and we may have a civil war in Israel. Slowly, but surely, the peace has turned Jew against Jew.

Yes, in the name of peace Israel has a lot to lose, but Satan likes peace.

Rabbi Eli Hecht is vice-president of the Rabbinical Alliance of America and past president of the Rabbinical Council of California. He is the director of Chabad of South Bay in Lomita, California.

Pub Date: 3/13/96

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