Where's the golf?As an avid golfer and one who has...


March 10, 1996

Where's the golf?

As an avid golfer and one who has competed in many tournaments across the country, I would like to address the lack of reporting of golf in The Sun. Although there are thousands of golfers in the metropolitan Baltimore area, the amount of space allotted to local golf is negligible.

At least 375,000 rounds of golf are being played on a yearly basis. This figure represents only five public courses in Baltimore City and thus only a small proportion of the total number of courses in the area. Despite this, your sports department chooses to ignore the results that are sent regularly from all of the public and private courses.

In an effort to increase readership, wouldn't it be prudent to start a daily column devoted to golf?

Mary Myers


Advice for De Francis

Sun sportswriter Kent Baker says Maryland Jockey Club president Joe De Francis is "considering an unbalanced schedule to counteract the growing power of slot machines in Delaware."

De Francis is talking about emergency plans on how to deal with the situation. Well, it's simple. Just open the gates to free admission and parking, trim the prices in half on beverage and food, treat bettors like kings and queens and eliminate long lines at betting windows and concession stands.

Then cut the takeout on all wagers to 10 percent, maybe even 5 percent, and that includes exotics. Then launch an advertising campaign selling the angle that the chance of winning a horse racing bet is better than with all the slot machines and other gambling devices. The theme for the ads could be: "You can't beat the action and the rewards at our racetrack."

Lou DeFichy

Seaford, N.Y.


What is more fitting than one of the most profound events in this country's history, one that is unique to Baltimore's heritage? Name: Keys. Logo: U.S. flag (what else?). Colors: red, white and blue (what else?). Stadium: Fort McHenry Stadium (what else?).

jTC Larry Norwood


Maryland Mustangs

The new NFL team in town deserves a new name. I suggest the Maryland Mustangs. The new name would give recognition to the entire state, not just one city.

David Fordham



I would like to add the name that I think would be great for our new football team. Why not call them the Baltimore Warriors and make their colors black and yellow because our state flower is the black-eyed Susan?

Rosaria Pritchett



Since the blizzard and the NFL arrived in 1996, maybe we should call the team the Baltimore Blizzards. Then perhaps Mother Nature would be appeased enough not to send us any more snow.

Pat Shea



Wake up, Baltimore! The Colts are gone. They belong to Indianapolis. This is a new era, a new team. We need a new name. Even though Cobras has been the best suggested name yet, my favorite name would be Sharks, leaving the team logo and uniform colors up to those with more experience in that area.

Marc S. Craig


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Pub Date: 3/10/96

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