Train wreck had many causesConcerning the train accident...


March 10, 1996

Train wreck had many causes

Concerning the train accident Feb. 16 train accident, the thought of this crew -- or any other for that matter -- missing or forgetting an "approach signal" is absurd. The crew would have contacted the dispatcher, in Jacksonville, immediately, while proceeding to next signal prepared to stop.

It doesn't make common sense that the deceased were given blood tests but that was not required of the dispatcher.

The cause lies in Jacksonville -- or in a signal system which has had reported malfunctions through the years.

G. A. Walton

Glen Burnie

How can railway officials possibly allow passenger trains going in different directions to travel on the same track? These trains should run on parallel tracks only. If this simple rule had been in effect, the ghastly accident that took innocent lives would not have happened.

Although, all railroad accidents cannot be avoided, at least the hazard of a head-on collision -- a particularly horrendous accident -- will be eliminated.

Ruth H. Schaffer


Hamas editorial called 'outrageous'

Shame on The Sun for its outrageous March 5 editorial, "Campaign of terror against peace."

The editorial states that "while it may tempting" to blame Hamas suicide bombings on the assassination of Yehiya Avyash by Israeli intelligence, it is more likely that the bombings would have occurred in any case.

Why would The Sun or any other thoughtful observer be tempted to place responsibility for Hamas terrorism on the target of Hamas terrorist attacks? Even if the latest rash of bombings were undertaken solely in retaliation for Israel's assassination of Avyash, it would in no way relieve Hamas of sole culpability for its acts of murder and mayhem.

For The Sun to suggest otherwise is a stunning evidence that the old, disreputable game of "blame the victim" still has its adherents.

Jay Bernstein


A bill to shield lobbyist entertaining

The Maryland House of Delegates is considering a bill that would allow lobbyists to hold events for legislators, such as receptions and dinners, without reporting who attends if all or certain portions of the legislature are invited.

What I want to know is whether part of the purpose of this provision is to keep constituents from knowing if their legislator accepts an extreme number of such perks from a particular lobby.

Rick Fogg


To pillory Hillary deserves contempt

How can we give credence to those Republican candidates who expect applause for attempting to destroy the reputation of the president's wife?

Their self image must be very low, when they feel compelled to resort to gutter tactics.

How I wish our elected officials, holding responsible positions, were as smart and innovative as she.

Hillary Clinton, an intelligent, well educated and articulate woman, is being burned at the stake for daring to use her mind.

Emily Tompkins Taliaferro


Pub Date: 3/10/96

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