" Old Money," by Elizabeth Palmer. St. Martin's Press. 280...

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March 10, 1996

" Old Money," by Elizabeth Palmer. St. Martin's Press. 280 pages. $21.95

Chloe Post falls headlong down a flight of stairs. An accident?, or push?

This deftly written and entertaining novel isn't a mystery, although several, including the circumstances of Chloe's death, are revealed. Rather it's a darkly funny social satire, a comedy of family and manners set on the fringes of upper-class British society, where old money meets new.

The author has a piercing eye for human foibles and her literate, meticulous style makes this book a delight to read.

Diane White

Boston Globe

"Like Judgment Day,"

by Michael D'Orso. Grosset. 373 pages. $27.50

"Dawn broke keen and crisp that day, the first dawn of the new year, the coldest anyone in Rosewood could remember. A half century later they would remember how cold it was ..."

A cold snap may be an unlikely way to introduce readers to one of Florida's most shameful atrocities. But the opening words of this book superbly set the stage for a compelling tale of race, history, politics, shame and bittersweet triumph.

Douglas C. Lyons

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Pub Date: 3/10/96

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