From The Sun March 10-16, 1846March 14: The ice in the...


March 10, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun March 10-16, 1846

March 14: The ice in the Susquehanna River is rapidly disappearing.

March 16: Our agent in Annapolis complains much of the delinquency of some of his subscribers.

From The Sun March 10-16, 1896

March 12: The City Council committee on education to which was referred the ordinance providing for the gradual elimination of white teachers from the colored schools, decided yesterday to report favorably on the ordinance as first introduced.

March 16: Rev. Curtis Lee Laws preached at First Baptist Church last night on "How Far Are Women Responsible for the Sins of Men?"

From The Sun March 10-16, 1946

March 10: Tow-headed George William Martin, aged 14, was back at home at 5714 Green Spring Avenue last night, not noticeably repentant about having departed with his pony and friend without leave some 68 hours earlier.

Pub date: 3/10/96

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