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March 10, 1996

BBB list: The Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan New York has listed 1995's most complained about industries. The mail order business was No. 1, with more than 4,000 complaints, nearly double that received by No. 2, the automotive industry. No. 3 was household and office furnishings dealers followed by home improvement firms and consumer electronics companies.

Resume pitfalls: You may have had a stellar career, but if your resume is full of mistakes, it may end up in a prospective employer's wastebasket. Among mistakes seen by one personnel firm: "Trustworthy references available upon request -- I give them a few bucks." And: "Education: statistics mayor." Also: "I have 12 years of experience worming in the industry." And this: "P. S.: If you hire me away from this nightmare, you'll also save me thousands in therapy."

Pub Date: 3/10/96

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