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March 08, 1996|By Julius Westheimer

"MONEY MATTERS" to think about over the weekend:

TAX-SAVER: "If you buy a 1-year Treasury bill or CD now, interest becomes 1997 income and not taxable until April 1998." (Straight Talk About Money)

For information about new issues of Treasury bills, notes and bonds, call your broker or Baltimore Branch, Federal Reserve, (410) 576-3553.

MANAGING MONEY: "Don't invest in your employer's stock through your 401(k) plan. You have enough at risk in the company's future through your job." (Moneypaper, February)

"Cut your family's entertainment costs by visiting your library. Many offer free use of record albums, books on tape, compact disks, movies on videotape." (Reality Check Gazette)

"Because good credit card customers win lower rates, call your card's 800 number, ask for reduced charges. If firm says 'no,' even after you mention competition, say you'll cancel the card. Many companies won't let you go." (Bankcard Holders of America)

And for $4 you can receive "Low Rate-No-Fee Credit Card List." Phone (540) 389-5445.

LOCAL MAILBAG: For a free, easy to-read, colorful McCormick 1995 annual report, call (410) 771-7537. This 40-page report of the locally based spice giant is ideal for adults and children's reading.

PLANNING AHEAD: "Find a financial planner who suits you and doesn't try to sell you products. Interview candidates carefully, looking for objectivity, trust and competence. National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, (800) 366-2732, runs a referral service." (Black Enterprise, March)

LOOKING BACK: Bernard Baruch, highly successful investor, said, in 1929, just before the Big Crash, "When every taxi driver, shoeshine boy and elevator operator tells me how much money they're making in the stock market, I get out."

THINK SMALL: "Buy High, Sell Higher" is worthwhile reading in Smart Money, March. Excerpts:

"Over many decades, small-capitalization stocks outperform all other investments. If you select the right 'small' issues, you can exceed 20 percent returns. There is a fair amount of risk involved. Look for firms with less than $200 million in sales and 'market cap.' "

MARCH MEMO: NationsBank is listed under "20 Banks That Stand by Their Customers" in INC magazine, March. The article, worth reading, asks, "Does your bank find customers for you?" suggesting that top banks assist clients get new business.

WALL STREET WATCH: "Expect a 'gray' stock market in 1996. Exceptional years like 1995 generally precede disappointing years." (NatWest Bank study)

OTHER SIDE: "Tidal wave of money washing into mutual funds keeps flowing, as more firms offer 401(k)s. This trend helps stoke the market." (Business Week, March 11)

LOOKING AHEAD: The Kiplinger Washington Letter, with a solid forecasting record, says the Federal Reserve will lower interest rates again this spring. HEARD EVERYTHING? "Expect technical market bounce after near-term correction, starting with Venus' conjunction with Uranus on April 6. This is the favorable astrological get-together of two heavenly bodies." (Star Watch Financial Planning on Wall Street, March)

JUST IN: U.S. News & World Report (March 11) with its cover story, "Aging Bull Market: Investor Beware!"

Bell Atlantic, the "Baby Bell" that serves this area, appears under "5-Star Stocks: S&P's Buy List" in the Outlook, March 6.

"The Prudent Speculator" ((310) 587-2410) tops the list of "15-Year Top Performing Newsletters" in Hulbert Financial Digest.

"Provided you do so before year-end, you can trim your tax bill by giving stocks, bonds, etc., to your child." (Fortune, March 18)

"Peter Lynch now likes Sears, Allstate, AFLAC, Johnson & Johnson." (Money, March)

Pub Date: 3/08/96

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