Hampstead fire volunteers install officers, give awards

March 06, 1996

The Hampstead Volunteer Fire Company installed officers for 1996 and presented awards for 1995 at its annual banquet.

Awards went to Bayard Bollinger and Charles "Doc" Walter for 50 years of continuous service to the company.

Jeff Carroll received the Most Improved Firefighter Award and Jim Reilly the Most Improved Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Award.

Herb Raver was given the past president's award. Dave Stem received the officer's award.

Top EMS responders were Dave Stem, Jim Dwyer, Carrie Hale, Jeff Carroll, Scott Therit, Jim Reilly, Ed Bilger, Brenda Parry, Mike Dennis and Kenny Shoemaker.

Top fire responders were Raymond Rill Jr., Robert Rill, Dave Stem, Dave Brown, Herb Raver, Paul Willhite, Scott Therit, Jeff Lowe, Jeff Carroll and Ed Bilger.

Administrative officers are Robert Rill, president; Steve Hardesty, first vice president; Kevin Hann, second vice president; Gary Wheeler, recording secretary, and Carrie Hale, assistant; Raymond Rill Jr., treasurer, and Todd Mitchell, assistant; and Dennis Wroten, financial secretary, and David Brown, assistant.

Fire line officers are Raymond Rill Jr., chief, and David Brown, assistant; Scott Therit, captain; Steve Hardesty, 1st lieutenant, and Jeff Lowe, 2nd lieutenant.

EMS officers are Alex Perricone, captain; Richard Baublitz, 1st lieutenant, and Donald Nash, 2nd lieutenant.


Shawan: Lineboro assisted Baltimore County with a house fire in the 2200 block of Tufton Ridge Road at 8: 46 a.m. Monday. Units were out for two hours and 51 minutes.

Manchester: Manchester, Hampstead and Lineboro responded to a chimney fire in the 3200 block of Maple Avenue at 5: 57 p.m. Friday. Units were out for an hour.

Pub Date: 3/06/96

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