Recent filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Baltimore:Feb...


March 04, 1996

Recent filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Baltimore:

Feb. 26

Southern Sign Supply, 7601 Brandon Woods Blvd., Curtis Bay, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: William C. Pearce, president. Assets: $374,493.10; liabilities: $230,052.58

Feb. 28

Mike's Appliance Installation, 604 W. Ring Factory Road, Bel Air, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Leonard M. Magness, president. Assets: None; Liabilities: $13,633

Vicki L. Smith, an individual operating the White Marsh Performing Arts Center, filed under Chapter 7. Assets: $3,100; liabilities: $42,420.22

Feb. 29

Games 2000 Corp., 408 York Road, Towson, amusements and billiard hall, filed for Chapter 11. Principal: David S. Beth, president. Assets: $60,000; liabilities: $154,537

Baltimore FERST L/P, 5800 Chemical Road, Curtis Bay, a unit of F&E Resource Systems Technology for Baltimore Inc., operating a composting facility, filed for Chapter 11 protection. Principal: Paul Williamson, executive vice president, chief operating officer and general partner. Assets: $37,690,000; liabilities: $48,492,000


The following are the most common types of filings under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code:

Chapter 7 -- Liquidation.

Chapter 11 -- Reorganization.

Chapter 12 -- Agriculture, Family Farm with other income.

Chapter 13 -- Adjustment of debts of an individual with regular income.

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