CobrasHow about this ideal name for our new football team...


March 03, 1996


How about this ideal name for our new football team -- Baltimore Cobras.

Our stadium would be nicknamed "The House of Venom." Just as Cleveland had its "Dawg Pound," our end zone would be the "Snake Pit." The uniform colors would be purple and gold, and a snake emblem could run up the side of each leg with a cobra head joined at the hip. The helmet would have a snake head with venomous fangs.

Baltimore needs something different.

%Kelly and Keith McLaughlin



Want to get Jimmy Irsay's attention? Have Art Modell chip in $30 million, Peter Angelos $15 million, and the Maryland Stadium Authority $5 million in a $50 million deal to bring the Colts' name and colors back to Baltimore!

Michael E. Weaver

Dover, Del.

One of last week's letters was attributed incorrectly to Talmadge L. Hill Jr. Excerpts from Hill's letter follow:



My proposed nickname is the Baltimore Gallop. The reasons:

* It derives from Maryland's and Baltimore's rich racing heritage.

* It salutes this city's past glory days without making a tedious and consuming quest to retrieve the name Colts.

* Gallop is consistent with action and vitality, evoking notions of a potent offense and aggressive defense.

* It would enable a creative and captivating logo: thundering hoofs, head and mane in the breeze, ponytail in the wind.

Talmadge L. Hill Jr.


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