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March 03, 1996

Take a look at good news the media missed

I never cease to be amazed at the news media, as to why you report with such immediacy and urgency bad news, but hardly utter a whisper when there is good news. Let me explain.

Monday morning, Feb. 13, I had the good luck to usher at the Meyerhoff Hall to attend a Baltimore Symphony Youth concert, in which the entire audience consisted of students from Anne Arundel County public high schools and middle schools. I was told that there would be a few Anne Arundel students on stage with the symphony. I thought, perhaps, they might be observing the conductor or playing a few Orff instruments.

The orchestra, featuring works by Elgar, Mozart and Howard Hanson, played absolutely beautifully under the enthusiastic baton of a guest conductor, Ms. Wang, from Omaha, Neb.

To my utter and complete amazement, Ms. Wang began introducing the high school students who were performing on stage with the BSO, and a little more than a third of the orchestra stood up.

Ms. Wang announced that these students were selected from Anne Arundel County public schools through tight competitions. They had been diligently rehearsing with the BSO for several weeks. To add enjoyment to this youth concert, a very gifted teen-ager played a solo clarinet from a Mozart concerto.

Surely, these hard-working teen-agers deserve some publicity. Where was the media to cover this event?

Ruth Von Bramer


Retain the county's sitting judges

Tuesday, Maryland voters will have the opportunity to cast their vote for experience, ability and integrity, and retain the team of sitting judges on the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court: Judges Eugene M. Lerner, Martin A. Wolff, Clayton Greene, Jr. and Pamela North.

Having been privileged to serve as a law clerk for Judge Lerner, I am most familiar with his distinguished 16-year record of service on behalf of the citizens of Anne Arundel County and his outstanding judicial qualifications. I had the opportunity to observe Judge Lerner first-hand on a day-to-day basis in the courtroom and in chambers. In addition, as a member of the Maryland Bar, I know that my high regard for him is shared by the legal community. In contrast to the long-standing record of judicial excellence of Judge Lerner and the other sitting judges, their opponent has never served as a judge and, in fact, has very limited experience as a practicing attorney.

Sheila Kraft Budoff

Annandale, Va.

Problem at Mountain and Solley

An article in The Sun for Anne Arundel Feb. 23 about easing the congestion on Mountain Road by making a bypass route sounds like a very good idea. Another good idea would be to install a left turn light, going east, at the intersection of Mountain and Solley roads. Traffic is extremely heavy between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. and it is impossible to get more than one car at a time through the light during rush hour.

The traffic that is traveling west on Mountain Road is also very heavy at this time. It can be very frustrating to have to sit through several light changes before turning left. Most people are in the intersection waiting to turn as the light turns red and there are those few irritating people who speed through the red light from the west so that the person trying to turn left is forced into a very risky situation.

I do not know why this light has gone so long without being updated. There is a left-turn light for the westbound traffic to turn onto Waterford Drive. How about a left-turn light for the folks who live in the new and already established housing areas on Solley Road? We would like to get home safer and less stressed out.

Marjorie Rose


Overtaxed teen should have quit while ahead

I prepared taxes for my friend's son, who is 17 years old, is a senior in high school and works about 25 hours a week, mostly to pay for his car and car insurance.

VTC In 1995, he earned $6,500 (an average of $125 per week) and was unhappily surprised that by earning $100 more than $6,400, his Maryland income tax liability grew from owing "nothing at all" to $285 as follows:

Gross pay: $6,500

Standard deduction: $1,500

No exemption (box 7): 0

Taxable income: $5,000

State tax: $190

County tax (50%): $95

Total tax liability: $285

Upon learning that working the last week of December had put him over the $6,400 threshold, his exact words were, "Do you mean I worked the last week of the year just so I'd have to pay all I made and $160 on top of that?" There was nothing he could do to unwork the last week of December or give back the money he had been paid.

Surely, the state legislature must be aware of how flawed the present tax system is. Gross pay of $6,399.99 carries no tax liability, but $6,400 -- just one penny more -- carries a tax liability of about $277.50 for dependent taxpayers.

Ironically, teen-agers are the most vulnerable and the least able to pay.

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