This guide was prepared by the League of Women Voters. You...

March 03, 1996

This guide was prepared by the League of Women Voters. You may take this voters guide with you into the voting booth.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization that works to promote political responsibility through the informed and active participation of citizens in their government. This guide is for the benefit of individual voters and should not be marked by organizations or other people.

Material from this guide may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission of the League of Women Voters. The league assumes no liability for errors or omissions.

The candidates' answers in the guide appear as submitted. If answers exceeded the specified word limit, the additional words were cut from the end of the statements or where practicable.

This guide includes information only on those candidates whose names appear on the ballot.

An asterisk (*) denotes an incumbent.

0 The general election will take place Nov. 5.

U.S. President

*William Jefferson Clinton (D)

Age: 49

Little Rock, AR

Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. (D)

Round Hill, VA

Lamar Alexander (R)

Age: 55

Walland, TN

Pat Buchanan (R)

Age: 57

McLean, VA

Robert Dole (R)

Age: 72

Russell, KS

Robert K. Dornan (R)

Age: 62

Garden Grove, CA

Malcolm S. Forbes Jr. (R)

Bedminster, NJ

Phil Gramm (R)


Alan Keyes (R)

Darnestown, MD

! Richard Lugar (R)

Age: 61

Indianapolis, IN

Maurice Taylor (R)

Age: 51

Quincy, IL

Although Phil Gramm will appear on the ballot, he has withdrawn his name from the race.


U.S. Congress, District 1

James Brown (D)

` No reply received.

Nancy L. Centofante (D)

Biography: Education: B.S. Zoology 1976; Medical Doctorate 1980. Specialty training completed 1984; Private practice. Anesthesiologist 1984 to present. Experience: As a physician, I have experience as a patient advocate and can provide real world insight during debates on health insurance reform. My strong science background would enable me to debunk junk science...

Steven R. Eastaugh (D)

Biography: Age: 43. Education: Waterman's son received scholarship to Harvard, work-study job cleaning toilets. After graduating went on to get Doctor of Public Health degree, Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, 1978. Medical school professor for 18 years, author seven books. Experience: Lost by 300 votes fall 1994 in my first run for Congress. Member of ...

Ralph Gies (D)

Biography: Age: 71. Education: B.S. Business Administration - Accounting Major - Univ. of Md.. Additional education: Washington College, Johns Hopkins, Univ. of Md.. Continued education - seminars: Md.. Society of Accountants., MSPA, NATP. Experience: Self employed as accountant since 1958; systems analyst computers) U.S. Government. - 15 years; active in church projects since 1946.

Jan Graham (D)

Biography: Age: 59. Education: B.A., Adelphi University; M.A., Adelphi University. Experience: Businesswoman, teacher, and activist in civic and political organizations. Leadership positions in organizations such as League of Women Voters, Democratic Women's Clubs of Maryland, and Democratic Central Committee Kent County. Organizer of environmental groups and member

of county level economic development councils.

Michael C. Maloney (D)

Biography: Age: 55. Education: Towson Catholic High School; Englewood High, Colorado. Professional baseball contract by Kansas City Athletics upon graduation. Littleton, Col. Police Department, 1968-1969. Bachelor of Arts degree; J.D. University Baltimore School of Law. Federal Block Grants Administrator, Federalsburg. Experience: Currently State's Attorney in Dorchester County, elected in 1990 and 1994. First full-time State's Attorney in Dorchester County.

John MacDonald Rea (D)

Biography: Age: 35. Education: I have graduated from St. Mary's Grammar School; Southern Senior High School and Loyola College. Experience: I have five years experience as an accountant and eight years as a salesman. I have done my internship with the General Assembly, run for Congress, run for Alderman, run for County Council and worked on campaigns.

Thomas E. Anderson (R)

Biography: Age: 52. Experience: As husband and father, I understand the horrendous price society is paying for the destruction of the family. As a businessman and farmer, I understand the detrimental influence of bureaucratic manipulations and the financial burden of over regulation on taxpayers. As a citizen, I know it is time to restore...

Robert Gawthrop (R)

` No reply received.

*Wayne T. Gilchrest (R)

Biography: Age: 49. Experience: Wayne Gilchrest joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school in 1964. He earned the rank of Sergeant and was wounded in Vietnam. He received the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Navy Commendation Medal. He received an associate's degree from Wesley College and a

bachelor's degree from Delaware State College.

James Timothy King (R)

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