Blame students, not MarchioneAs a secretary for the...


March 03, 1996

Blame students, not Marchione

As a secretary for the Baltimore County public schools, with 23 years of school and central office experience, I feel compelled to speak out in defense of interim Superintendent Anthony G. Marchione ("NACCP opposes schools leader,'' Feb. 27).

A better qualified individual to lead the Baltimore County public schools would be hard to find. Dr. Marchione is a fair, sensitive, experienced educator whose entire 40-year career has been devoted to the boys and girls of Baltimore County, that each student regardless of race be given the best possible education.

It is about time that the NAACP face the facts and place the blame for underachievement and behavior problems where it belongs -- with each individual student (black or white) who does not value education.

Anne T. Freeman


Family planning reduces abortions

Your editorial Feb. 11 and Sara Engram's column Feb. 18 tell the terrible truth about the effects of the cuts and restrictions imposed by the Republican Congress on foreign aid for family planning.

Poor families will struggle to care for more unplanned children. More mothers and children will die because one pregnancy comes too soon after another. More children will lose their mothers to the mishaps of illegal abortions.

Contraception prevents abortions. Mexico, where abortions are illegal, found that the number of hospital admissions resulting from inept abortions was cut in half as family planning services became more available.

So why do politicians who say they oppose abortion insist on driving women to abortion by cutting funds for contraception?

Even worse, these cuts make it likelier that the world's population, now growing fast enough to double every 43 years, will triple rather than ''only'' doubling before leveling off.

Meanwhile, the increasing numbers of people are already overwhelming our efforts to cope; witness global warming and the world's decreasing oceanic fish catch and per capita grain production, among many examples. And population pressures largely cause the flood of illegal immigrants to the U.S.

Family planning efforts by developing nations with financial help from industrialized ones have substantially reduced birth rates. To prevent tripling of world population, the help must increase, not decrease.

Cliff Terry


TLC Beatrice did not bid for Parks Sausage

Michael Olesker's Feb. 11 column, ''Tough talk about finding work while many lose jobs,'' contains a major error that I would like to correct.

He writes: ". . .the deal to buy Parks Sausage fell apart because TLC couldn't get financing.'' This is not true.

TLC Beatrice International is not involved with any of the groups bidding for Parks Sausage. TLC Beatrice is an international food company whose operations are based in Europe and at no time did it consider participating in the auction for Parks Sausage.

Mr. Olesker's confusion may have arisen from the fact that the principals of one of the groups involved in the transaction include W. Kevin Wright, former general counsel of TLC Beatrice, and Anthony S. Fugett, a current member of the board of TLC Beatrice and a brother of TLC's late CEO, Reginal F. Lewis.

In addition, Loida N. Lewis, TLC Beatrice's current CEO, has personally been very supportive of both Mr. Wright and Mr. Fugett. She has a great deal of faith that their transaction will eventually succeed.

Nevertheless, the fact is that TLC Beatrice has not been involved in any aspect of the Parks Sausage transaction.

R. S. Meily

New York

The writer is vice president for communications, TLC Beatrice International Holdings Inc.

Stop pandering to greedy millionaires

The headline on Jack Stuprich's Feb. 11 letter assumes that all Maryland taxpayers support the funding of professional sports.

Education, public safety and welfare are some of the legitimate responsibilities of government. The tendency of government to subsidize private business is a growing phenomenon.

Aside from the multi-billion dollar sports industry we are being encouraged to sponsor gambling and help Rouse Co.'s Harborplace.

When will the taxpayers realize they are being snookered?

I am positive Jack Stuprich considers himself blessed to be able to support unfortunate people on welfare rather than being a recipient.

If all of us would insist that our government concentrate on its legitimate responsibilities and avoid pandering to special interests it would improve government performance and we would have more of our hard-earned money to spend as we please.

Tickets to sports events may be cheaper, our tax burden could be less and we would have fewer gredy sports millionaires.

Forrest F. Gesswein Jr.


Lugar should be Republican nominee

Up front, I'll tell you I'm most likely to vote for the re-election of President Clinton in November, and for many positive reasons. But really I have no choice -- unless the GOP comes to its senses and nominates Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana.

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