Alcove is accented, not filled By Design: Use furniture and accessories to keep area from fading into the woodwork

By Design

March 03, 1996|By Rita St. Clair | Rita St. Clair,LOS ANGELES TIMES SYNDICATE

As part of a remodeling project, we carved out an alcove in a spare bedroom. We planned to use this 4-foot-wide and 30-inch-deep area as a walk-in closet. However, the bedroom has enough storage space already, and, besides, the alcove adds a pleasing dimension to the room. How do you think we should furnish this new area?

Probably all that's needed is an accent piece or two, such as a small writing desk and chair, or a vanity table and seat. The

space itself can then be decorated in keeping with the type of furniture you choose.

Or, you could use an etagere -- a tall shelving unit usually made of metal and wood. These pieces are big enough to accommodate a television set or just about any other type of electrical equipment.

Although an etagere is generally 20 inches or so in depth, there's no need to push it right up against the wall of the alcove. It can stand out a bit to call attention to its decorative quality, which might be further emphasized by the placement of some plants and accessories on its shelves.

Keep in mind that the objective is not to camouflage what you describe as a pleasing dimension but rather to accentuate it. At the same time, you should aim to integrate the alcove with the rest of the bedroom.

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