Pottery bowl has origin in France or Germany Market Value: Salt container with blue-onion design was intended for a French kitchen.

Market Value

March 03, 1996|By Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel | Ralph Kovel and Terry Kovel,KING FEATURES

My grandmother had a pottery bowl with a wooden lid. It is decorated with the blue onion pattern and the word "sel" on the front.

"Sel" is the French word for "salt." You have a container for salt that was used in a kitchen. It probably was made in France or in Germany for French homemakers.

Blue onion has been a popular design since it was made at the Meissen, Germany, factory in 1735. It is still being made.

An oval metal tag on my mother's old dresser says "The Tobey Furniture Co., Russmore, Chicago." Could it be very old?

Charles Tobey had a furniture store in Chicago in 1856. His brother joined him in 1857. In 1870 they joined F. Porter Thayer and began making furniture.

Russmore is a line of mission-style furniture that was first made in 1902. Copper tags were used to mark the pieces.

I found two bottles shaped like robots at a flea market. They have blue-and-white painted "pants," eyes and a chest badge that reads "Space Scout." The screw-top lid says "Raspberry." Any information?

You found bottles that held Galaxy syrup in the 1950s.

A complete set of syrup bottles makes a whole crew. In addition to the blue Space Scouts, look for a red Space Sentry, a bright-red Space Ace, a green Space Bombardier, a light-blue Space Navigator, a black Space Commander, a maroon Space Admiral, a purple Asteroid Commander, an orange Orbit Admiral and a yellow Interplanetary Commander.

A Space Scout sold for $45 last year.

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