From The Sun March 3-9, 1846* March 4: It may be mentioned...


March 03, 1996|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun March 3-9, 1846

* March 4: It may be mentioned as a rather unusual circumstance that within the past few days, a large number of wild ducks, principally canvas backs, have been killed in the Patapsco River, inside of Fort McHenry.

* March 7: The magnetic telegraph is put to strange uses. TC couple of keen sportsmen, one in New York, and the other in Philadelphia, were playing a game of nine pins with it.

* March 9: We saw in market on Saturday a quantity of hard crabs which were selling for fifty cents per dozen.

From The Sun March 3-9, 1896

* March 3: A new production which was given at the Holliday Street Theater -- "Down on the Suwanee River" -- is a rather novel entertainment by a company of colored people.

* March 6: Mr. Gaston Manly shot and killed himself in a toilet-room of the Mount Vernon Hotel yesterday.

* March 7: It is not probable that Johns Hopkins Lacrosse and Base-Ball teams will have grounds of their own this spring.

From The Sun March 3-9, 1946

* March 3: The long awaited bills dealing with the improvements of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Calvert Station will be sent to the City Council tomorrow.

* March 5: Theodore Marburg, internationally known exponent of world peace, a former U.S. minister to Belgium, art collector and author, died Sunday night in Vancouver, B.C., where he was spending the first part of a holiday. He was 83.

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