The name game: Picking a name for a start-up company is...

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March 03, 1996

The name game: Picking a name for a start-up company is critically important, according to Inc. magazine. In the March issue, marketing consultant Jack Trout advises entrepreneurs to try to come up with a name that simply and memorably states what the firm does. He cites Toys 'R' Us, the snack maker Guiltless Gourmet and Lens Express as good company names. He suggests business owners stay away from generic names and not pick a moniker that's too limiting. For example, Musical Chairs Ticket Service brokers sports as well as concert tickets, but you can't tell that from the name.

Food for thought: The Food Marketing Institute, in a study on the supermarket business, notes that a store's net profit works out to just over 1 cent for every $1 in sales. Supermarket operators stay in business because of the great volume of sales. Operators have also trimmed expenses to boost profits. Many stores have taken advantage of more efficient distribution systems and need less storage space.

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